Description: Truly very satisfied. My journey from Rajampet with Ashoka Silklines was too good. Although, it was a long journey I enjoyed it. Nice amenities and a luxurious bus! I couldn't wish for a better bus. I chose the single berth which was cozy. The drivers were very humble and they took good care to make our journey smooth. No sudden breaks / rash driving. I wasn't much tired after taking up such a long journey. Nice journey and great service.
E-mail: ganga_76@gmail.com
Gangadhar, about 2 years ago
Description: I travel a lot for work from Kadapa in buses and have travelled with almost all bus services. Since my first ride with the Ashoka Silklines I have been their regular customer. The reason is their luxurious buses and their reasonable rates.
E-mail: arjun77@gmail.com
Arjun Simha, about 2 years ago
Description: I travelled from Tirupati by Ashoka Silklines with my friends. The buses were well-maintained and the staff was very courteous towards us. It feels great to be travelling with a bus operating company that shows complete concern towards passenger's comfort.
E-mail: mahi98@gmail.com
Mahesh, about 2 years ago
Description: I recently travelled from Hyderabad with Ashoka Silklines. It was a sleeper bus and I felt the bus was very comfortable and the staff was very friendly and co-operative. Great going Ashoka Silklines keep it up.
E-mail: reddy65@gmail.com
Narayan Reddy, about 2 years ago